A Theonomic Defense of the Anabaptists

This paper was written in 1980-82. I have done no additional research on the subject since then. I am only making minor corrections as I convert it to HTML. Your suggestions would be appreciated.


1. Introductions
Personal Involvement * The Major Issues * The Recent Controversy * Goals of this Examination

2. Who Were the Anabaptists?
Different Groups Distinguished * New Sources of Anabaptist History * The Medieval Church * The Medieval Reformers

3. In Praise of Humanism
The Tenets of Humanism * Humanism and the Establishment * Reformation and Accreditation

4. Anabaptists and Heresy
Anarchy * Revolution * Pacifism * Communism * Perfectionism

5. Anabaptists and Orthodoxy
Biblicism * Trinitarianism * Justification * Sanctification * Humility

6. Baptism and Statism
Mode of Baptism * Members of the Church * Infant Baptism

7. When Did Protestantism Begin?
The Great Reformation Flip-Flop * Waiting for the State (or someone like him) * Acts 5:29

8. Pagan Education and the Reformers
Calvin: Ambition * Seminary * Law School * Classics * Parallels in Zwingli:

9. The De-Education of the Anabaptists
Ambition * University * Education under Zwingli * Rejection of Paganism * Berean Mentality (Acts 17:11) * Obedience and Systems

10. Politics from Seneca to Calvin
Conversion and Humanism * State and Freedom * State and Spirit * The Organic State * The State Glorified * Parallels in Zwingli

11. Theonomy and Justification by Faith
The Church vs. The Gospel * Living Faith * Doctrine and Obedience

12. Statism and Justification by Faith
Doctrinal Diversions * Doctrine from the Outside

13. From Victory to Defeat: The Reformers and Theonomy
Natural Law * The Expansion of the Faith * Lang * Rushdoony * Nelson

14. Should We Celebrate Reformation Day?
Universal Priesthood and Reform * The Myths of Theology * Rome and Justification

15. Deformed Reform
The Early Reformers * The Threatened Reformers * The Later Reformers

16. The State as Pastor
Calvin and the "Reconstructionists" * The Ninth Commandment * Crushing the Opposition

17. Macho Theology
Verbal Pyrotechnics * Intimidation * Coercion * Politics and Put-Downs

18. Police State, Police Church
Omnipotent Regulation * Socialism as Discipline * Winning Through Intimidation

19. Plato and Calvin: Artistry in Dictatorship
Plato's Laws * Empire Medieval * Roman Law and Plato's Laws * Momentary Reform * Power vs. Reform * "Anabaptists!" * Plato Resurrected

20. A Legacy of Compulsion
Through One Man's Eyes * Luther * Calvin * The Puritans * The Pendulum Swings

21. Fascism and the Reformation
Fascism Defined * Westminster's Arguments Against God's Law * Fascism and the New "Christian Right"

22. Cover

Conversion of these chapters into HTML is some months away. You can e-mail me at Kevin4VFT@theonomicanabaptists.com and I'll send you the chapters you want in your choice of word-processor formats (maybe).

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